10 Best Waterslide Decal Paper 2023

Wow this decal is stunning on it!

We’re certain that you’d be thrilled to receive this kind of praise whenever people around you spot an attractive decal snagged onto your car or mug or even on the wall in your bedroom.

Decals are certain to give a distinctive look to the objects they’re suited to. You could use to decorate your home and gifts, or to promote your craft business.

Although there are a variety of decal papers on marketplace, but the ones which is the most simple to work with is the water slide decal papers.

It doesn’t matter if either a novice or an expert in the craft world as anyone can benefit from these tools!

But there are a few exceptions to this. decals are created to function exactly as you would like them to. To be sure we’ve done our share of research to help you choose the top water slide decal papers.

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What is Waterslide Paper?

Waterslide is a thin transfer paper, which has an adhesive that is water-based on the reverse to the surface. It is translucent as well as opaque, and can be utilized to transfer images to almost any surface like metal, glass, or wood.

In the past, water slide papers were available only in designs supplied by the manufacturer, but nowadays, anyone can design their own unique designs using decals for printers that use inkjets.

Differentialities Between Opaque and Translucent Decal Paper

Translucent water slide papers can be seen through. When you submerge a translucent waterslide in water, it’s edges decals are absorbed and fade away.

This means that when you place the decal on any surface that is painted, the color of the surface will be apparent underneath the decal.

However, this may alter the color of the decal’s design placing the decal on the surface with light colors can cause the color to appear more bright.

However, transparent waterslide papers are completely white. If you place decals on an opaque or dark-colored surface, the decal’s colors remains bright. Additionally, if the decal’s design is white which printers don’t typically print, then you have to apply a water slide decal paper for the best prints of the highest quality.

Top 10 Best Waterslide Decal Paper

1. Printers Jack A4 Size Clear Decals Paper for Inkjet Printers

If you’re in search of clear decal papers for printers that use inkjet then you should check out this one from Printers Jack!

The A4 size paper is high-end and are specially designed to guarantee top-quality printing of decals. If you are looking to print pictures or texts that are vibrant You will receive precise results every time , as the paper can print at a quality up to 5760 dpi.

Furthermore, the color of the printed decals will not alter over time nor will they break during the process of transfer. If you are planning using decals to create crafts, they’ll remain as they are.

Since the decal is transparent and transparent, it can be applied on lighter-colored plates, mugs candle holders, plastic bottles and wood surfaces for excellent outcomes. If you’re a fan of nail art, you could also embellish your nails with stunning decals!

A thing to keep in mind is that the decals you print will not be safe in the dishwasher. So should you be using them on dishes it is necessary to wash them with care by hand.

For those who are making use of decals for the first time Printers Jack is here to show you how to easily distinguish between the front and reverse sides. The front has an opacified film while the backside is reflective and also has the company’s watermark on both sides.

Key Features:

  • The color of the decal will not change.
  • The decal won’t break while moving
  • Work on various surfaces
  • It can be sealed with epoxy resin
  • Not dishwasher safe

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2. Hayes Paper Waterslide Paper

Another clear decal sheet you can make use of to create your own designs The Clear Waterslide Decal Paper by Hayes Paper.

These decals are ideal for commercial and personal usage because they offer high-quality printing. No matter what decal you print you’ll receive sharp images due to its superior quality printing at 5760 dpi.

After printing the decals, they won’t get smudged and the colors won’t even fade. These are among the most important characteristics you need to be looking for in the best water slide decal papers.

The decals can be used on ceramics, glass, plastics, metals and jade. You can also apply heavier paper to your crafting projects.

If you intend to put this decal that is clear on wood, apply a white paint stain on the wood before to create a vibrant appearance for the decal.

For bowls, mugs plates and other tableware, keep in mind that you shouldn’t throw the dishes in the dishwasher as it could result in the melting of decals. To safeguard your decals there’s no better option other than hand washing them by hand.

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For the price that is so affordable you get the most from these decal sheets. The package contains 20 sheets that are enough to last some time.

Key Features:

  • The decal’s color will not fade or become smudge-like.
  • Work on various surfaces
  • It will not leave any decal edges during transfer
  • It can be coated Mod Podge as well as acrylic sealant
  • Not dishwasher safe

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3. Sunnyscopa Decal Paper

If you’re in search of a more economical alternative, take a look at this decal pack of paper from Sunnyscopa!

These papers are available in US letters, and you’ll receive 20 sheets of paper in one pack. It’s enough to print decals to personalize presents, projects for school as well as for business use!

With regards to high-quality printing, you’ll get high-resolution prints with vibrant colors. In addition, the decals are able to stick to ceramics, candles, glass and even nails!

If you are experiencing issues adhesion, Sunnyscopa recommends that you determine if the decal has bubbles of water in its adhesive layer or if the application surface is contaminated with particles. The presence of either one of these could affect adhesion, which is why you should ensure that the decal as well as its surface for application are free of dirt.

Printing these decal paper on your printer using inkjet printing is easy. All you have to print is an image on the decal paper that is heavy seal it using some acrylic, then soak it in water, then place it on your preferred surface! In addition, you can apply varnish to give more strength for your decals.

To prevent the decals from becoming damaged, you need to stay clear of putting the decals in water that is hot, and also wash them with acetone.

Key Features:

  • Doesn’t tear easily
  • It is well-adhered to a variety of surfaces.
  • It comes with clear instructions.
  • It can be coated by Mod Podge as well as acrylic sealant
  • Not suitable for fabrics

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4. Seogol A4 Size Clear Waterslide Paper

Similar to the water slide paper the one from Seogol is also priced at a reasonable price and can help you with all of your craft projects.

The papers offer printing quality that can reach 5760 dpi so even the most intricate details on the decal will be evident. Furthermore, the colours will be reproduced accurately and the ink will not fade or smudge with time. Even the decal won’t break when it’s transferred.

The decals can be applied on many different surfaceslike metal, plastic, ceramic bamboo jade. If you’d like the design decal on your smartphone’s cover, or your keychain or ring, it’s possible to achieve this without losing its quality design! You could even apply the nail decals yourself instead of paying for a nail salon.

Because the inks in Inkjet printers are water soluble, Seogol suggests covering the decal using acrylic spray three times following printing. If you do this you must ensure you have the initial coat dry before applying the second coat. If you’re looking to dry it quicker then you can make use of the hairdryer.

The company also recommends not to exposing the decal to direct sunlight since it could cause the decal’s surface turning yellow, which could affect the coloring of the decal.

Key Features:

  • The decal’s color will not fade or become smudge-like.
  • The decal won’t break while moving
  • It can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • It can be filled with Mod Podge as well as acrylic sealant
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

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5. Kodiak supplies A4 printable decal

Kodiak Supplies offers the finest water slide decals for printers using inkjet technology. These premium papers will surely deliver fantastic decals!

This white paper has the capability of providing print quality up to 5760 dpi which is required to reproduce the finest details and vibrant colours of images. In addition, the adhesive binds well to various surfaces, including candles, glass, ceramics jade, plastic, marble, wood and many more.

If you’re planning to use stickers on white paper to create crafts, this is the perfect option! The design will be the primary feature, and your beloved family members will be delighted to see when you gift them presents that are decorated with beautiful decals.

The best thing about these decal paper is that they won’t break and tear very easily. While they look thin, they’re solid! Therefore, when transferring your decal onto an object that you want to use, be assured that it will remain the same. Additionally, you’ll find it simple to take off the backing once you have soaked it in water.

Many people suggest applying several coats of the acrylic paint on the decal in order to seal it completely before immersing the decal in water. This prevents the ink from leaking through the paper.

You will also be required to allow each coat to dry prior to you apply the following coat. Hairdryers can be used to accelerate the drying process.

Key Features:

  • The adhesive backing peels off quickly.
  • The decal won’t break or tear when you transfer it
  • Works on a variety of surfaces
  • It requires several coats of sealant prior to being soaked in water
  • The decal will be permanent after 10 minutes.

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6. AIVA Paper Group Water Slide Decal Paper For Inkjet Printers

Its AIVA Paper Group waterslide decal paper is a different white decal paper that you’ll want to keep to get high-quality printing results.

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The papers are US letter size and you’ll receive 20 sheets per pack. If you’re planning to print several decals, you’ll be able to do it without worry about the paper getting a little stale.

In terms of printing quality These papers can produce sharp images with 5760 dpi. Additionally you’ll get vivid colorsthat won’t fade with time. There will be no mess on your decal printed because the paper is able to hold the ink well, and also resists streaks.

If you are looking to use decals for commercial or personal projects, these decals are the best option. They will stick well to metals, plastics, glass, and other things! They can also be applied on your nails, instead of visiting Nail Salon.

What you will love about these decals is that they can be removed. If you believe that you’ll have to relocate the decal, just gently lift it up, and it will be removed without leaving any trace in the paper’s surface!

AIVA Paper Group recommends not using decals on fabrics as well as in dishwashers, as this could damage the paper.

Key Features:

  • Resists fading and smudges
  • Work on a variety of surfaces
  • Not recommended to use on fabrics
  • The decal easily removes without leaving any residue
  • Not dishwasher safe

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7. A Rolurious Deccal Transfer Transfer Paper

The package has 20 sheets, which can be used to create as many stickers you’d like. Additionally, you can apply the decals on a variety of solid surfaces such as ceramics as well as jade, crystals bamboo, plastic, metal, wood, shell and marble. In addition that you can also use stickers to decorate your nails!

All you have to print is to print your decal, then apply sealant to it, then soak it in water and then you’re all set! If you’re applying sealant prior placing the decal in the water, it is necessary to dry each coat prior to applying the next coat.

If you’re putting the decal to an item that is oven-safe, Rolurious recommends baking it in the oven for 10 and 15 minutes , at temperatures ranging from 100 to 110 degrees Celsius. If you don’t have an oven, microwave is a good option for approximately 30 seconds.

Key Features:

  • Resists smudges and wear
  • Work on various surfaces
  • Baked in the oven or in the microwave.
  • It can be coated using Mod Podge and acrylic sealant
  • The backing can be removed easily

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8. A-SUB Decal Paper

If you’re looking to add some flair to the glassware that is sitting on the counter You can use this decal-printing paper that can be printed for glass.

The A-SUB water slide decal lets you express your creativity. These decals are clear and offer the perfect image quality to help the decals pop. The paper can hold the ink in a safe manner without creating any mess, and guarantees that the color stays vivid for long time. The decal will not smudge or crack during the transfer process.

Since the inks utilized for inkjet printers dissolve in water, you’ll have to apply a heavy coat of sealant uniformly on the decal. Before you do this it is suggested to allow the ink to dry.

Contrary to other decal paper types This one stops bubbles from developing within the layer of adhesive which means you don’t need to endure the effort that comes with using a blow-dryer take them off.

Because it’s a clear decal paper, it’ll perform well on surfaces with light colors. It can be used on metals, glass, ceramics as well as candles, plastics and even your fingernails! Anywhere you place the decal, there will be no edges to be seen, and the loved ones you give it to will be delighted by the attractive decals they receive as presents.

If you are using tableware decals make sure you hand wash it, not washing it in the dishwasher!

Key Features:

  • The decal’s color will not fade or get smudged.
  • The decal won’t break while transfer
  • Stops from the development of bubbles
  • Work on various surfaces
  • Not dishwasher safe

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9. Epoch White Decal Paper for Glass

If you are looking to use these papers for commercial or personal projects, you don’t need to select separate decal paper since these papers from Epoch Paper are made to manage both!

The A4-sized paper offers the highest printing quality 5760 dpi or more every when you print decals. Additionally, the paper will replicate the exact colour of the image, while retaining its vitality. It is possible to use these white decals on a variety of surfaceslike ceramics, glass, metal bamboo, paper and other things!

When printing, it is important be aware of the ink manufacturer you choose to use. If you are using cartridges made by the same manufacturer that you use for your inkjet printer the paper will produce best results, but if not the ink could be able to bleed.

In addition the requirement is to apply a few coats of sealing spray prior to placing the decal in water.

After you have transferred the decal, Epoch Paper recommends letting it dry naturally for at least three hours. If you’ve applied the decal onto an oven-resistant ceramic and set the temperature at 200°F and bake the clay for between 15 and 20 minutes to set the decal.

As with most decal paper This one isn’t dishwasher safe. therefore you’ll need to wash your tableware using your hands.

Key Features:

  • The decal’s hue will be vibrant
  • The backing paper peels off easily
  • Work on various surfaces
  • Baked in the oven
  • Not dishwasher safe

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10. MeCOLOUR Premium Waterslide Transfer paper

MECOLOUR’s inkjet decal paper printers is an excellent option for creating projects. The set comes with five sheets of translucent paper with a printing resolution, 5760 dpi making sure that every design is clear and accurate. 

The tough material used to create the decals keeps them from cracking or tearing during transfer and can be applied to many materials like ceramics, metal, glass and paper. To dry the decals you can either allow them to sit in air drying for couple of days or cook them in an oven at a lower temperature for a certain period of time. 

It is advised to avoid putting the completed product in the dishwasher since it can result in the melting of the paper. In the end, this provides durable, vivid results on a variety surfaces.

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Buying Guide

Printer Type

1. Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers are used extensively in offices and homes around the world. The printers use ink to print documents that contain text as well as images.

Printing on inkjet decal Inkjet printers project tiny drops of ink on it, that need time to dry.

2. Laser Printer

Laser printers are commonly used in offices as they is capable of handling a huge amount of documents. Contrary to inkjet printers printers make use of toner for printing images and text documents.

When printing on laser decal, a laser printer directs the laser beam through an negatively charged drum which collects the toner that is electrically charged and permits the toner to melt onto the paper. The toner melts through the use of the heat produced through the printing process. This means that the image printed doesn’t need drying time.

It’s worth noting that certain inkjet decals can also be used on laser printers, however you cannot use laser decal papers with inkjet printers. To ensure proper operation we suggest you pick the right decal paper compatible with the printer you are using.

Paper Size

Waterslide papers are usually made available in the A4 as well as US size letters. In terms of differentiating characteristics of these two sizes A US Letter paper can be a bit wider and shorter than an A4 paper.

If you’d like to print multiple decals on one sheet then using a US letter-sized paper is the best choice. In this case, you must make sure that your printer is able to accommodate the size of the paper.

Paper Quantity

If you intend to print a lot of decals then look for a set that contains more than 20 decal sheets. There are also packs with five sheets to meet your low-volume printing requirements.

Surface Material

While decal paper works across any flat surface don’t forget that not all papers are made to be compatible with all surfaces.

Some decal paper may not be able to perform on high-fiber surfaces like wood, however they can be used on metal, glass, or any other surface. It is recommended to take note of the materials that you intend to place your decal, and then find decals that can be applied to these surfaces.

Base Color

Waterslide decals come in white and translucent shades. But, using one of these decals with a base color that isn’t the right one can diminish the luster of decals.

If you intend to place your decal to a light-colored surface, you’ll require transparent decal paper, and for darker-colored areas, decal paper are perfect.

White decal paper are also able to fill in the white areas on your printed decals that printers can’t print.

Frequently Answered Questions

What can I use Waterslide Decal Paper On?

Waterslide paper can be used to transfer images of color onto any smooth surface like metal, glass, wood bamboo, ceramic marble, plastic and candles. Many crafters prefer this kind of paper for adding personalization to their creations.

Is the Waterslide Decal Paper Dishwasher Safe?

Waterslide decals aren’t dishwasher-safe. While sealing the decal using an acrylic sealant can stop the ink from flowing off and putting the decaled tableware in the dishwasher can cause damage to the decal (and it will also damage the tableware, in the event that it’s not dishwasher-safe).

You can however add an additional step to safeguard the decal. You can make use of Mod Podge or epoxy or even a laminated sheet the decal’s surface to ensure it is dishwasher safe.

What is the process behind Waterslide Decal Paper Work?

Waterslide decals are usually printed with the face facing up. They contain glucose and dextrose corn sugar that are responsible for gluing the decal to the surface. Dextrose corn sugar is the sugar that gives the ability for sliding of the decal and glucose helps with adhesion.

Where Can I Find Waterslide Decal Paper?

If you’re not keen to travel to the local stationery store there is the convenience of ordering decals with water slide at home. There are reviews for the items and you’ll be able to have look over them prior to making a purchase.

Amazon provides an extensive selection of decal paper suitable to various kinds of surfaces. There are translucent and white papers made by various brands that work with your inkjet or laser printer. Additionally, the papers come in various sizes, so it is possible to pick the size you want.

Wrapping up!

In our modern times we constantly search for the easiest methods to accomplish something aren’t we? We can not only conserve our precious time, but we can also cut down on the work we’d have to put into otherwise.

In other words unlike rub-on stickers, water slide decals do not require rub-ons to transfer images. All you have to do is soak the paper into the waterslide and allow the magical to take place!

And if you’re using the most effective water slide paper you won’t have any reason for disappointment in terms of quality of the design as well as surface compatibility. You’ll get the most from it!

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