5 Best Rug Pad for Jute Rug 2023

Are you looking for the best rug pad for jute rug? If yes, then you’re in the right spot.

Jute rugs are extremely unique and their benefits are many. They’re earthy and warm with warm tones, and beautiful flat weave rugs. Jute rug is a great choice for every space formal or informal.

Area rugs made from Jute are not just very durable, but they also provide exceptional comfort for your feet.

Furthermore their natural earthy hue is an ideal match for any flooring or flooring however, hardwood flooring is the best choice.

However, the majority of natural jute rugs don’t feature a backing that is non-skid, and so tend to slide small amount unless they are secured with heavy furniture or objects.

The issue of slippage in rug jute is actually one of the primary reasons to consider purchasing a rug pad of high-quality.

Certain rug pads come with the backing of latex or rubber that stops it from sliding across the floor.

In this post I will look at 7 rug pads can be placed beneath your jute rug in order to safeguard your flooring and prolong the life of your rug.

If you’ve got hardwood flooring such as vinyl, laminate, or bamboo flooring I suggest you purchase the rug pad that doesn’t come with the backing of rubber.

The pads that are made of rubber have chemical compounds that react with the finish of your floor and leave yellow staining that can be difficult to get rid of.

So, let’s jump into the water.

List of the 5 Best Rug Pad for Jute Rug

1. RUGPADUSA – Basics 5′ Square 1/2″ Thick 100% Felt – Cushioning Protection Rug Pad

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One of the top mats for Jute rug can be the RUGPADUSA 100 100% Safe Cushioning Rug Pad.

In actual fact, it’s true that the RUGPADUSA cushioning Rug Pad is one of the most popular rug pads available on Amazon and that’s because of the right reasons.

One This rug pad provides an extra cushion between the jute rug and floor, thereby providing luxury and comfort.

Although jute rugs give an excellent feel beneath your feet however, they can be slightly rough because they are made of natural fibers.

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The installation of a rug pad beneath the rug is one the most effective ways to improve comfort by adding more cushioning.

This RUGPADUSA rug pad dense and heavier than all other rug pads on the market. This makes it a great choice for those looking to improve cushioning and ease of use.

Two, this premium rug pad will protect your floor from harm.

As you are aware furniture sliding across floors, specifically laminate floors, hardwood, and vinyl, could cause unsightly scratches, scratch marks, scuffs and other damage that can be irreparable at some point.

With its strong barrier between your jute rug and your floor the rug pad will not only protect furniture from damage to the floor but also prolongs the lifespan of the floor as well as the rug.

2. RugPad USA, 1/4” Thick felt and Rubber Superior Lock – Premium Rug Padding. Non-Slip Rug Padding

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The second most recommended mat pad to use for your jute rug is RUGPAD USA felt and Rubber Superior Lock premium non slip Rug Padding.

The primary distinction between this rug pad and our top choice from the same brand is the fact this features non-slip backing whereas the other does not include one.

As I’ve mentioned before the rubber-backed rug pads may leave marks and stain on your flooring.

In the case of RUGPADUSA felt as well as the Rubber Superior Lock Padding it’s constructed from Natural Rubber.

According to the company’s website the mats made of natural rubber doesn’t strip, stain, or scratch your hardwood flooring or laminate floor vinyl flooringprovided strict guidelines are adhered to.

If you’re unsure about buying rug pads for your delicate flooring such as flooring made of hardwood, I would highly recommend RUGPADUSA felt along with Rubber padding.

If you’re searching for a rug pad that is non-slip for hardwood floors, this pad also a great option.

It has the checker-like texture that is made of 5oz to provide excellent non-slip performance.

The pad is also available in two thicknesses – 1/4 ” or 7/16″.

If you’re looking to add more cushioning, then the 1/8 ” carpet pad would be the perfect choice.

Other noteworthy features to be mentioned are;

  • Great Breathability- The pad is punched with needles which makes the entire surface extremely breathable, making it easy to vacuum. The increased air flow prevents it from keeping moisture which reduces the chance of staining flooring. A higher level of breathability ensures that this rug pad is safe to use on radiant heated floors.
  • Absorbs wellThe rug pad effortlessly captures any contaminants that are able to pass through your rug. Additionally, its many perforations make it simple to vacuum
  • It’s made in USA
  • Available in round and square shapes.
  • Affordable
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The Cons

  • A few complaints are made about the rug’s lack of grip to keep the area rug in their proper place

3. Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt as well as latex non slip rug pad

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The third-best rug pad is Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt as well as the latex non Slip rug pad.

When it is placed under an jute rug the rug pad will not only safeguard your flooring and extend the lifespan of your jute rug, but it also stops the rug from sliding and clumping.

This rug pad is thick and provides additional cushioning, which improves the comfort of your feet.

It also stops the rug from curving at the edges, or from bunching up and causing trip hazards.

In addition, due to its dense cushioning, this rug pad will keep your feet warm and effectively blocks out the sound.

Other benefits and features to be mentioned include:

  • This is safe to use on all kinds of flooring
  • Mohawk provides two options for rug pads: latex-backed rug pad , and a regular felt pad
  • It is made of two parts: the one made of felt is intended to securely grasp the rug, and the latex side made to be able to grip the flooring and prevent sliding. Note: Because the rug is made of the backing of latex that can stain floors like vinyl, laminate, hardwood and the linoleum. It’s better suited for hard floor surfaces like tile. I would suggest getting an item like the RUGPADUSA 100% felt cushioning Rug Pad because it doesn’t contain any rubber backing which could stain floors.
  • It’s simple to cut it to size. The Mohawk Rug Pad can be easily cut using the aid of scissors to fit the exact dimensions and shape of your Jute rug. Note: When making the cut be sure it’s approximately 1-inch smaller than the rug’s size on all sides to ensure it’s well-hidden. The rug pad’s being 1-inch smaller than the size of the area rug lets that the edge of your rug be tapered to the floor, keeps them from curling.
  • Available in different thicknesses to fit your flooring and rug- they are available in 1/8″ 1/4 ” 1/2 “
  • The Green Label Plus Certified tested and approved for its eco-friendliness as well as a better cushion and capacity to enhance indoor quality
  • The product is made in the USA
  • Budget-friendly

The Cons

  • A few complains about the pad being a more thick

4. Gorilla Grip Original Area Rug Gripper Pad

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5.Veken Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper

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Our 5th top rug pads for Jute Rugs is a different bestseller, the Veken Nonslip Rug Pad Grpper.

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Similar to similar to Gorilla Rug Pad Like the Gorilla Rug Pad, the Veken Gripper pad is also designed with an open grid design which allows the floor and rug to breathe.

With its non-slip backing the non-slip Veken Rug Pad Gripper will help keep your slippery rug in place and prevent it from the rug from bunching.

The pad of this rug is extremely thick and will give your jute rug a gentle bounce for a comfortable and luxurious foot.

This premium gripper rug pad protects your floors from everyday wear and tear, particularly in areas with high traffic.

But, since the rug pad is composed of PVC and has a rubber/plastic backing, it can cause stains to the hardwood flooring.

In fact, after a while you might notice scratches on your waffle rug.

While you are able to take off the marks left by rug pads on hardwood flooringwith the proper tools and equipment I wouldn’t suggest putting this rug pad on an incredibly sensitive floor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What’s the texture of Jute Rugs? Soft or scruffy?

A: Because Jute fibers are derived from the plant’s stalk and not from the leaves, it is supple. But this softness suggests that they are less durable which makes them suitable for traffic-light setups.

Q Do jute rugs work well for entryway rug?

A: Jute and sisal rug are commonly used in entryways due to their durability. They retain dirt and moisture and are easy to clean by the shaking of the rug or by regular vacuuming. But, they also are able to absorb lots of water.

Q: In what way does one keep jute rug from being damaged?

A: It is recommended to take care of natural fiber rug by applying protectors to guard them from spills and to extend their life. The application of Sisal Life Protector protects your Jute rug from spills while a rug pad can help to prevent it from wearing out and will make it safer.

The Bottom Line

The following are the top five most well-known rug pads that can complement your new Jute rug.

Jute Rug is one of the toughest rug designs that is a great fit in any formal or casual setting.

Remember that certain rug pads aren’t safe for hardwood floors flooring, vinyl floors, laminate flooring, and other spongy floorings.

You definitely don’t want to have to deal with difficult-to-get-away waffle marks on your gorgeous flooring.

The RUGPADUSA 100% felt Rug Pad can be a more suitable option for hardwood floors.

So, take your time and select your preferred rug pad from this list of top rug pads for the jute rug.

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