10 Best Photo Scanners With Feeder 2023

No matter if you’re a professional photography enthusiast or not, it is likely that you should have caught a few beautiful moments through the lens of the camera.

If you’re hoping to keep images so that memories don’t disappear You need the top picture scanner that has a feeder included within your arsenal. A scanner that can scan pictures with automatic feed capabilities will allow you to scan an enormous amount of images in a brief time.

These devices also scan text and let you organize your documents and secure on the cloud or in any other digital space.

With all the options that are available it’s often difficult to determine the right product for.

In this post, we’ll present a brief review on some of the top automated feed scanners can be purchased on the market.

Top 10 Best Photo Scanners With Feeder

You will need to spend endless hours on forums and asking your buddies before you can get an idea of the best models among the many.

With our assistance we can help you to be concerned about any of that. In the next section, we’ll give you our top recommendations for the best and most efficient photo scanners that have a feeder which you can purchase without hesitation.

1. Epson WorkForce E-400 color duplex automatic document scanner

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2. Fujitsu ScanSnap IX1500 color Duplex Scanner for Photos, and an Automatic Feeder

The next scanner we will be reviewing we’ll look at the ScanSnap iX1500 under the company Fujitsu. If you’re looking for an efficient document and photo scanner that produces accurate colors and comes with an impressive set of programs, then this model is one of the top choices available.

It’s a basic device that has a sophisticated design. Equipped with 50 sheets of ADF which is also known as an Automatic Document Feeder this device will be able to scan through piles of photos and documents quickly. Alongside the usual pages ADF can also scan larger pages. ADF can also scan larger and longer documents that are up to tabloid size.

Speed and precision are its main concerns. It can offer you speeds that is 30 or 60 pages per hour. But, it doesn’t employ any standard resolution quantifiers such as dpi, but instead offers alternatives like good better or top. In terms of quality of color you’ll be satisfied with the results.

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Also, you will receive a useful suite of software to perform various tasks like automatic naming or taggers. It supports cloud storage and wireless connectivity for users who don’t want to use Ethernet. It also has an USB 3.0 interface that allows for fast data transfer.

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3. Brother High-Speed Auto Feed Auto Scanner

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4. Raven Pro Scanner

Key Features:

  • 60 pages per second scan speed.
  • Large 8-inch LCD touchscreen.
  • Cloud and wireless support.
  • Automated blank-page removal, straightening and resizing.

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5. Canon Image FORMULA R40 Scanner For Photos And Document

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6. KODAK Slide N SCAN Auto Feed Picture Scanner

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7. Plustek PS186, High Speed Photo Scanner

Plustek may not be the brand you are used to hearing when searching for the most reliable auto feed scanner for photos. But the PS186 is not a disappointment because of the great value it gives in terms of cost and performance. If you’re on a budget and want to save money, this model should be considered.

The speed of scanning in the unit is amazing, with the unit able to scan 50 images every second. With the automatic 50-sheet document feeder, you’ll be able to move through stacks of documents in minutes. Its accuracy in color is very impressive not to mention its speed.

With a resolution that is 600 dots per inch, this unit is ideal for whether you’re using it at work or in your hope. It comes with functions like Auto Rotate, Auto Crop as well as Blank Page Removal. Auto Deskew, and Character Enhancement which lets you make the most of it.

The program lets you create various scan profiles, so you can begin the process by a single click. It also lets you create searchable PDFs, and save them on the cloud, via email or even on one of the FTP server. In all the functionality it provides is unbeatable at this price.

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8. Xerox DocuMate 152i Dual Side Scanner

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9. ClearClick 20 MP QuickConvert Photo, Slide, And 35mm Negatives To Digital Converter

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10. Digital Photo Slide & Film Scanner

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Buying Guide

After you have the review completed and you’ll have an idea of the top choices available.

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However, before you make the option, it’s important to know the crucial features of a scanner for photos equipped with an automated feeder. These aspects will allow you to maximize the value of the investment you make.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the ideal photo scanner that comes with feeder.

Auto Feed Capacity

Selecting an automatic scanner with a feed size that is compatible with your needs is essential. Today, you will locate units that offer they have an automated feed that over your expectations. But, they could be more expensive, and you may not be able to take most of their capabilities.

The best method to go about it is to sit down and reflect on your personal requirements. If you do not require for scan large quantities of documents often and you are not a huge fan of scanning large batches, a feed size of 50 pages may suffice. However If you plan to scan large volumes of documents it is recommended to go with a minimum capacity for 100 pages.


Color Fidelity


Connectivity is an essential aspect to take into consideration when looking to purchase an automatic feed scanner to scan photographs. When we talk about connectivity, we don’t only refer to the means to connect to the device, but also how you store the images that you have scanned. You’re looking for a machine that allows you to be completely free.

Some models have only USB or ethernet connectivity however, others may have wireless connectivity. There are also top models that permit you to store and upload your data directly on an FTP server, cloud or even send the data to your email address.

Scanning Speed

Speed of scanning might not be as significant in comparison to other elements in deciding on the ideal scanner for photos with feeder. It is nevertheless important particularly if you need to scan a large amount of documents or images. With the speedy scanning speed it will allow you to finish your work quicker.

There are some models that speed up to 100 pages per minute, however they could be more expensive. You need a device which can deliver decent speeds without racking up an the point of being exorbitant. But, for professionals price, a high-end unit with a fast scanning speed is virtually vital.

The optical character Recognition

Are you using it only for photo scanning or do you want for it to be able to capture documents?

The photo scanner can be an incredibly versatile device that serves a variety of purposes. If document scanning is among your needs The device needs to be equipped with a high-quality OCR software.

OCR functions allow the device to scan an image for text and then digitalize it. This is crucial for creating searchable PDFs that can be stored on the internet or your physical hard drive. But not all people require this feature, so should you prefer not to do it, you are able to.


Another element that might not be crucial for everyone however it is important to consider the accessibility of the device. Some models allow you to utilize it as an independent device, without the need for computers. There are some units that are able to run for a significant amount of time with batteries.

If you require an easy-to-use photo scanner that is portable This type of scanner could be a good option. But, remember that they’re not as robust as their larger counterparts and offer limited capabilities. It is nevertheless beneficial to have a spare backup scanner to use while you take pictures.

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A photo scanner isn’t generally a low-cost purchase. A majority of scanners take a significant amount of money from your pocket. There are however some excellent options that don’t cost the same. If you’re in a tight budget this list of reviews should provide plenty of budget-friendly choices that are available.

The most expensive model is not always the best way to go when selecting a photo scanner that has an automated document feeder.

You must be savvy about your purchase and concentrate on the aspects that matter to you. This way, you’ll be capable of making a purchase that is satisfying to you, rather than making you suffer buyers regret.

Top Auto Feed Scanner for Photos Brands on the Market Today

We’ve already provided you with all the details you’d require for making an educated decision in purchasing a photo scanner. Being aware of the best manufacturers will make it much easy to choose.

These are the top brands that produce reliable and high-quality photo scanners.

Epson US

Fujitsu Limited

Brother Industries, LTD

Brother Industries originated from Japan however it has spread across the globe with their top-quality scanners and printers. Its original headquarters were at Nagoya, Japan. Alongside printers, the company also produces typewriters, most notably located in the United Kingdom.

Canon Inc

Canon Inc., coming from Japan is a multi-national corporation that has grown to become a huge. Their diverse product line includes cameras and printers, scanners and printers calculators, projectors camcorders, as well as virtual real-world headsets. The company was founded to 1937, by the four individuals: Takeshi Mitarai, Saburo Uchida, Goro Yoshida, and Takeo Maeda.

Eastman Kodak Company

Also called Kodak it is an American public company that primarily is focused in analog photography. They also provide high-quality digital scanners and printers that provide solid performance over a lengthy time.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

1. What is DPI?

The term DPI is a reference to Dots Per Inch , and refers to the measurement of resolution within the photo scanner.

It directly affects its clarity as well as the quality of photo and higher numbers indicate greater resolution. For instance 600 dpi is the number of dots you have 600 dots within an inch of image.

2. Does an All-In-One Scanner Have the Right Equipment to Scanning Photos?

If you are serious about photography or are concerned for the high-quality of images that you take, you’ll not be satisfied with the output of an all-in-one scanner.

The scanners for photos usually have greater resolution and more clarity in images. All-in-one scanners are primarily aimed towards document scanning.

3. Should I Scan Images As JPEG or TIFF?

It is mostly dependent on what you intend to accomplish. JPEG format compresses images and also results in the loss of information after scanning.

But, the image scanned occupies less space. In contrast TIFF format is not compressed. TIFF format doesn’t require compression, which means there is no loss of data. However, TIFF images are larger in size. TIFF images is larger too.

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