8 Best Light Therapy Glasses 2023

All the hype is surrounding light therapy glasses to treat Seasonal Affective disorder intrigues you.

You don’t know if fancy eyewear can give you relief from mid-winter blues. It works. Because they work, light therapy glasses are very popular.

SAD is an option if you notice a decline in productivity, go from hibernating all day to clothing, or your sleep cycle is disrupted, and you feel extremely depressed.

SAD glasses can be a simple solution to this debilitating condition, impacting productivity and making your life miserable. You don’t even need a prescription to get one.

It’s still a new type of therapy, and there is a lot of mystery. You should not consider buying one of these if you don’t want to be sold by sleazy salespeople.

Here are some tips.

List of the 8 Best Light Therapy Glasses

1. Luminette 3 Light Therapy Glasses

A lot of people think of comparing the SAD glasses with Pegasi 2 glasses due to the fact that they’re identical in terms of cost and features. However, the truth is that there’s not much distinction between them.

Similar to the Pegasi 2 model, The Luminette 3 has three light intensity settings (500,1000,1500 Lux). It allows you to begin the therapy session at the lowest intensity before working towards an intense session.

It is the Luminette 3 however uses white light mixed with blue light, rather than mixing blue and green light. Everyone reacts differently to every type of lightsource, consequently, reviews will differ as to which glasses will yield the best results.

With its unique light source, Luminette offers optimal eye coverage, while keeping your eyes free of any obstruction. If you wear contacts or glasses, you can wear these SAD light glasses without any effect to your sight.

The design of Luminette 3 is much improved over the model before it. It’s not just smaller but it is also lighter that results in better quality of life. One charge of the micro-USB cable included will last 10 complete sessions.


  • Variable intensities
  • Contact lenses or glasses can be worn.
  • Lightweight


  • Utilizes more white light

2. Luminette 2 Light Therapy Glasses

Luminette 2 is the second generation of Luminette portable light therapy glasses. This model is slimmer and more ergonomic so that it can be worn over existing eyewear.

It’s lightweight and can be worn at any time.

Patented light spectrum

8 LED lights are angled downwards on the Luminette 2.

It utilizes a patented wavelength of light, a form of white light with a hint of blue added.

Although the light isn’t directed at your eyes directly, it does reflect off your inner eyewear, which helps alleviate symptoms of SAD.

There are three intensities to choose from 500, 1000, and 1500 Lux. It is intense, even in its lightest setting. This is especially true if you are just starting with it. Start at the lowest setting and work your way up. Don’t be alarmed if you feel that you need to strain your eyes. It’s perfectly normal.

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Sessions last approximately 20 minutes at the highest intensity and 45 minutes at its lowest. To indicate the end of a session, multiple lights flash to indicate it.

User-friendly design

The silicone nosepiece adjusts to fit perfectly on your face.

It might be difficult at first to get around in the Luminette 2 and do household chores, office work, or even go into a darkened room. It will get easier over time.

If you have difficulty seeing, increase the brightness of your room’s lights or your laptop’s screen.

The Luminette 2 is the most important component.

It regulates your sleep patterns and keeps you awake in the morning. This is especially important if you frequently travel in different time zones.


  • SAD glasses are compact and user-friendly
  • The patented light system with 8 LEDs
  • Battery life is long
  • Rechargeable
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • It keeps you awake and active and regulates your sleep habits.
  • It is very useful for travelers


  • It can be difficult to adjust to the bright lighting. If the room is not brightly lit, some users may find it hard to see what’s around them.

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3. Re-Timer Light Therapy glasses

The Luminette 2 is often compared to the ReTimer Light Therapy Glasses, with good reason.

These SAD glasses were released around the same period. Both have the same features and even shared identical prices until Luminette recently dropped their price.

ReTimer Gen 2 still enjoys unrivaled popularity among SAD sufferers. It is available in 46 countries and is frequently referred to as the “Gold Standard” in light therapy.

High-quality build

ReTimer’s light therapy glass is more durable than the Luminette 2.

It’s comfortable to wear, easy to adjust the fit, and the nosepiece is softer. It can be worn over existing eyewear and used for routine tasks.

The peak light is greener than the Luminette’s white. Although there is a hint of blue, research suggests that green appears to be more popular.

It is also compliant with IEC62471 safety standards and completely UV-free.

Re-times your circadian rhythms

People who work irregular hours will find the Re Timer extremely useful. It regulates sleep patterns and helps to reset the body’s circadian rhythm.

The ReTimer is the right tool for you if you find it difficult to fall asleep due to insomnia or nocturnal hypoxemia following an injury, illness, or stress.

We have only one issue with the light: it only has two intensity settings: 300 Lux and 500 Lux. After wearing them for a while, the light might feel weaker as your body adjusts.

It’s not that big of a deal. It’s perfect for many users.


  • These are the most loved Light Therapy glasses worldwide
  • Sold in 46 Countries
  • Version upgrade
  • Comfortable, better-fitting clothing
  • There are two intensities: 300 Lux and 500 Lux
  • UV-free
  • It helps to synchronize your circadian rhythm, which can help improve sleep quality


  • The Luminette 2’s Luminette 2 has a higher intensity at 500 Lux.

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4. PEGASI 2 Smart Light Therapy Glasses

Pegasi 2 is an innovative light therapy device which uses an LED panel flat with Blue wavelength lights. It also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 connection, which allows you to connect your smartphone to check battery levels and adjust the intensity via the application. You can also alter the intensity by hand with one click.

The device features an elegant matte black frame. It also has an adjustable design that has an ergonomic nose rest and user-friendly buttons. The Pegasi 2 comes with three different levels of intensity. the duration of each session is between 20 and 45 minutes. At the end of the session, the device will turn off. Users have reported improved mood, sleep patterns, or even relief from jetlag following the use of Pegasi 2 for only two weeks.

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5. AYO: Premium light therapy glasses

The AYO light therapy glass looks more like a headband. It’s extremely sleek and looks great over glasses or sunglasses.

Bluetooth compatible syncs with your smartphone and can be modified on the GoAyo App.

Blue and white design

The Ayo glasses have a blue-white dual tone that we love. This is refreshing and a welcome departure from the all-black, subdued glasses that are the norm nowadays.

The slim frame is easy to fit on your face and has no buttons.

It is best to sync it with your smartphone. It is quite advanced. The app will first determine your “chronotype” by asking questions such as whether your circadian rhythm is morning or evening, your core temperature, melatonin levels, and so forth.

We found that most people are wired to their phones, but this was a bit restrictive.

What if your smartphone battery has run out and you require an immediate boost of light therapy energy?

This reduces the chance of the soft touch buttons being damaged by frequent use.

Travel case with a capsule-shaped design

The Ayo Glass comes with a travel case in a capsule shape that doubles as a charger. It’s a docking station that can charge Apple devices. It’s compact, looks cool, and charges the device completely in approximately an hour and a quarter.

The blue wavelength of light (475nm), which the glass emits, is soothing and has been shown to positively affect energy levels and sleep patterns.

You will feel refreshed after a brief energy drop when you need to be the most productive.


  • Light therapy glass that is stylish and sleek
  • It fits comfortably
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allows you to sync with your smartphone
  • At 475nm, it emits a blue wavelength
  • The instant energy boost that recharges you
  • It has a stylish case for your travel that doubles as a charger.


  • There are no old-fashioned buttons on the device. You can only use the app on your smartphone to operate it.

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6. Photosonix Nova Pro 100 Sound Therapy Sound Mind Machine with Glasses

The Photosonix Nova Pro 100, an older, tested, and reliable device is often called “The Mind Machine.”

It is not a portable SAD glass. It is an audio-visual light therapy system that includes a blue stimulation lamp with pulsating light, stereo headphones, and a light synthesizer.

It is as good, if not better than the portable SAD glasses. This unit is best for those who can power it on and sit still for therapy sessions.

Built like a tank

The Photosonix Nova Pro 100 looks like a tank. The synthesizer unit is made of durable metal and has old-school rotary switches. The control panel has many LED lights and produces a psychedelic effect upon being powered on.

Each eye has 4 LEDs. The lights, like the Luminette 2, are not directed directly at your eyes. It is instead angled downwards.

The blue-colored light beam that reflects off the glass’s Blue surface creates a soothing blue hue. This is very relaxing and can be used to correct disturbed circadian rhythms.

100 Developed in sessions

Each Nova Pro unit comes with 100 therapy sessions. For new users, there are 40 sessions. Pro users have 50 sessions.

You can also download an additional 100 sessions.

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Sessions can be sedating or mind-altering. Customers who have tried the Nova Pro claim it elevates their awareness to a higher level.

That is something we wouldn’t comment upon. We don’t doubt that these claims are true. The Nova Pro 100 is a great option for people suffering from SAD. It improves sleep quality, energy, and mood.


  • Complete AVS-based light therapy device
  • Ships with the Blue Premium glasses featuring pulsating lights
  • Included is a stereo headset
  • Synthesizer unit
  • 100 In-house therapies
  • You can download additional therapy sessions


  • The most expensive of the rest
  • Not portable.

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7. Amzcool Light Therapy Glasses

The most affordable SAD lenses for therapy belong to an incredibly newcomer which is priced at more than 50% of the cost of other glasses that we have reviewed.

AMZCOOL has come out with a low-cost pair of therapy glasses which aims to compete with the basic SAD lighting market.

Since the glasses are new, there’s not much feedback yet regarding their durability, however they feel solid to the touch , even being very light, weighing only 75 grams.

The AMZCOOL glasses have only one setting for light intensity of 500 Lux , meaning you can’t enhance the brightness of future sessions. However, this is the most recommended setting for the majority of lights therapy glasses.

These glasses utilize the green spectrum, which is considered to be the most secure light source since it doesn’t have to be as powerful to be effective.

At the cost at which they are priced, the AMZCOOL glasses could be worth trying if you just want to determine if SAD treatment with light is the right option for you. One of the coolest features is the adjustable two-gear light settings. Based on the amount of lighting in the room, you can adjust the lighting pattern to suit bright or low lighting conditions.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Safe green light


  • One setting for intensity.

8. Hydraskincare Timer Plus Glasses for Light Therapy

How do you choose the best light therapy glasses?

These light therapy glasses are relatively new. There’s much hype surrounding light therapy glasses, just like with any new technology.

Is a blue light better than a yellow light? Do you need it to be bright? It can cause macular damage.

These are some suggestions and answers.

Portable vs. Stationary

There are two types of SAD light therapy devices. There are stationary ones like the Photosonix Nova Pro and portable glasses like the rest. You can choose one depending on your time availability and convenience. The portable SAD glasses are better suited for those who can’t dedicate 30 minutes daily to the sessions.

The light wavelength

All light therapy devices emit safe wavelengths that are completely safe and do not cause macular injury. It doesn’t matter if it’s a red light (ReTimer Generation 2) or a white (Luminette 2); it won’t affect your vision. People have different preferences regarding the color of the light they see each morning. Some prefer white light while others prefer green. There is no way to distinguish between the wavelengths in terms of effectiveness.


Comfortable glasses are essential for sad light therapy glasses. The glasses must be perfectly fitted on the face. Additionally, the nosepiece should be soft. We have chosen the Luminette 2, Retimer Gen 2, Pegasi, and Ayo. These four sad-looking glasses are rated highly for comfort and ease of use.

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