6 Best Hair Clippers For Autistic 2023

Top 6 Best Hair Clippers For Autistic

The most effective quiet hair clippers for people with autism include:

  1. Baistom Baby Hair Clipper Editors”Choice
  2. ENSSU Silent Clipper Clipper Runner-Up
  3. Bololo baby hair clippers quiet Quietest Choice
  4. The YEAR quiet toddler hair clipper – Budget Choice
  5. Make-up Baby Clipper for Hair – Best Reliability
  6. Relaxing Clipper Best Kit for Haircutting

1. Baistom Baby Hair Trimmer

Do you remember when we laid the groundwork for the ideal baby clippers? For this particular instance, the best clippers that are worthy of use must have lower sound emissions, lightweight construction, and a secure yet effective blade. This is why I am impressed by the way that it works. Baistom baby hair trimmer meets all the requirements!

Sharp blades would defeat the reason to purchase the hair clipper that caters to autistic children. Therefore, this hair clipper for babies comes with an extremely durable ceramic blade with 28 teeth that protrude over your child’s locks. In contrast to stainless steel blades, this one is extremely safe for use on children’s delicate skin. It does not trigger discomfort or anxiety resulting from having a haircut.

Apart from being secure while in operation, the blade has teeth cut in an R-shaped design to let you know any doubts about injuries the blade could cause. We’re talking about two-factor safety in this case!

With a weight of 5 ounces. I’ve found the dimensions of this hair clipper to be soft on a child’s head, mainly since the blade consumes anything that gets in its path. Because it’s difficult to find safe combs for hair clippers for children, The package includes three guide combs with 0. 3mm and 9-12mm to customize the clipper cut of your child.

The high-end motor’s noise is only 50dB. This is equal to a distant conversation. I’ve used the clipper when my baby is asleep, and it’s proven to be an extremely quiet operation. In addition, the Baistom hair clipper is completely washable after use due to its IPX-7 water resistance rating.

It’s not common to find hair clippers that can operate without cords. This hair clipper will give you up to an hour of use following five hours of charging. Below the power button is a three-stage gauge for determining the life of the battery. It is important to note that the manufacturer offers an estimated time of operation for their hair clippers (40-60 minutes), which means they are susceptible to battery degrading.

With the guide combs, this hair clipper includes an oil bottle for lubricant, a clean hairbrush, a USB charger cable, a sponge, and a baby’s comb hair.

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  • Safe blades
  • Light and soft on the skin
  • 28 tips rounded to cover more baby hair
  • Customizable guide combs
  • Low buzzing sounds
  • Battery indicator
  • Water resistance certification
  • It comes with accessories and charges via USB


  • Ineffective with thick hair
  • Battery degradation

2. ENSSU baby hair Clippers


  • A gentle blade that has fewer teeth
  • 0.5mm safely distance between skin and blade
  • Waterproof
  • Feather-light
  • Dependable battery
  • Charges using the help of a USB cable
  • Cute visuals for toddlers


  • Bulky form factor
  • Not very quiet

3. Bololo baby hair Clippers

This is the quietest hair clipper we’ve reviewed. This is the best option for children with sensory processing disorders or if the noise level is the only thing that worries you.

With 42 decibels operating voice, the unit beats Baistom and Enssu in terms of silence because of its noise reduction technology. It’s quieter than popular buzzing clippers in barbershops.

Bololo trimmer is equipped with 3 guide combs that provide 6 lengths (1mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm 12mm 1-9mm). This means that you can give your baby the perfect haircut using a variety of hairstyle options. If your child is an infant or a 6-year-old, you will be able to locate a suitable comb for the child.

The battery for the clipper ( with a capacity of 800mA) will give you two hours of run time, from fully charged until it dies. This is enough for approximately 2/3 of shaving sessions.

Bololo clipper features an attractive design and small size. It’s easy to use. There’s no learning curve for the device if you’re using it at first.

When it comes to safety aspects, it comes with the intelligent Monitoring System, which guarantees that there is no pulling. This is combined with R-shaped, rounded corners to prevent nicks, and you have an extremely secure clipper.

It also has a secure grip that will help avoid injuries caused by hands shaking.

Great news, dear mom! Your child will not flinch or take a step back during shaving.

Additionally, the trimmer is also equipped with speed. You can use the toddler mode for infants from 3 to 0 years old or the kid’s mode to cater to children aged 3-12.

The trimmer is IPX-7 waterproof, giving you the option of either dry or wet shaving. If your child’s hair is long, use wet shaving to get the job smoother.

The cutter head is disassembled in one go to facilitate ease of clean-up and maintenance. Use the cleaning brush for the clipper to get rid of the stubble, then wash the cutter head with a faucet to wash it off.


  • Ultra-quiet and silent with close to no sound.
  • It can be used by adults as well.
  • Soft and smooth blades for baby’s scalp and delicate skin.
  • A wide range of hairstyles to choose from.
  • It is easy to move.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • It comes with a nylon cape and a handy storage case.
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  • A bit heavy

4. Silent Kids Hair Trimmers

5. Meetcare Hair Clippers for Baby

Hair clippers for boys are required to have a steady duration, particularly when your child has hair with thick follicles. Battery life has become less of an issue when you use this Meetcare Baby Hair Clipper because of the complete package Meetcare provides for children with sensory difficulties. It claims that the manufacturer has reached a “golden percentage” in clipping. Do you believe that? Let’s discover!

Just glance at this tool, and you’ll see the slim design and an attractive turquoise finish that is very attractive to children’s eyes to ease the fear of clipping their hair. Take that together with the blade made of ceramic with an R-shaped shape with 28, and you can be at ease knowing that your child will have a relaxing haircut, particularly since the sharp edges are absent on this model.

The thing that makes hair clippers for children with autism notable is their silent operation. Meetcare adjusts the motor’s precision to achieve a maximum of 50dB in sound output, which is extremely quiet, even when the blades shake when taking out large chunks of hair. For a hairstyle your child can stylize, it is possible to utilize 3 combs, giving a total of eight hairstyles to choose from!

Rated with an IPX-7 rating, This quiet buzzer provides the ideal solution for regular cleaning. Simply scrub the clippers with a brush to remove the hair residue, and rinse the device with water to transform it into a brand-new item! Along with the combs, the package includes the lubricant oil bottle, a very useful ear contouring comb, the cleaning brush, a USB charge cable, and an ear cape.

I’d say this is superior to other toddler hair clippers in terms of use and battery life overall. With just 2 minutes, the trimmer grants users the benefit of an hour of use, in contrast to other clippers, which need longer charging times or provide shorter runtime/use time.

While this work of art does not miss any beats, it’s the longest-running comb that is smaller than normal and limits your capacity to broaden the horizons of your child’s hairstyles that are gentle. The slim body could fall out of your hands. Be careful not to put too much pressure on your child’s head and cause discomfort for them.


  • Blades that are advanced and safe for the skin
  • Motor designed to provide silent operation
  • It comes with 3 combs and an additional ear contouring comb
  • IPX-7 waterproof
  • All accessories are included, as well as a cape
  • 100 100% reliable battery life for sixty minutes of uninterrupted usage


  • Combs are small
  • Slippery body

6. Relaxing Clipper Haircutting Kit for Children

If your child is at or is in the advanced stages of ASD, the child must be beyond the point of being able to endure the noise of a hair buzzer. In this situation, an unobtrusive hair trimmer might not be the best option. What about a haircutting kit instead?

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Calming clipper is a manufacturer proud of its comprehensive kit that provides cutting solutions for sensory-sensitive children. The only tools you’ll need are combs and scissors, which are extremely simple to utilize! This bundle of 12 pieces comprises stainless steel scissors, seven Combs ( 1 1/2 ” 1-1/2″), a pouch with two compartments to store the combs with a guide, and an informative haircut guidebook.

The thing I like about this kit is its collection of various gel finger inserts to fit the scissors. You can pick from three different gel fittings, which are snug, medium loose, or medium, based on the tightness you’d like for the inserts for your fingers. Contrary to the quiet hair clippers, this kit is specifically designed for those in the ASD community to assist those with daily challenges, and haircuts are no different.

The company is committed to keeping its products at a reasonable price. Calming clipper also offers a huge two-year warranty and lifetime replacements if some mishaps occur. In reality, many believe electric options are more practical because it takes significant time to create an effortless haircut using the device.


  • Easy-to-use
  • There are a variety of comb lengths
  • Haircuts guide for beginners
  • It comes with a bag and finger inserts


  • In the long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Create Clippers Quiet?

The reason for loud clippers can be three factors such as an engrossed blade, a malfunctioning motor, or stuck debris. To keep clippers quiet, be sure to oil the blades often and clean the clipper head daily to eliminate hair remains.

How to cut an autistic Child’s hair?

Initially, it’s best to select a time of day when they’re less sensitive. You shouldn’t request haircuts if they’re confused at school or during social events. Be sure to let them know the sound of clippers and explain how to cut their hair before the appointment to ensure their minds are at peace. Wear an apron since they’ll be anxious about the haircut falling onto their bodies.

Begin by trimming the sides and back and making the top part the ultimate. Be sure to block out the sound of the clippers or scissors by distracting your child by watching a video, television show, music, or even a drawing!

How Do I Cut Kid’s Hair with Clippers?

Make use of a longer guide comb for the top and smaller ones to cover the sides and the back. You can then blend those points that connect sides and top meet or back. For instance, take 3/8 ” as the uppermost point and 1/4 ” for the sides and back, and then join the points using 3/8 “!

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