6 Best Flash for Canon Rebel T6 and T7 2023

Professional photographers are aware that the ideal outside camera flash is able to transform the game in the shooting. They’re essential for studio photography, too since the most effective camera flashes are able to evenly disperse light, thus removing shadows and creating a stunning bright, vibrant subject.

Although they’re not essential for amateur photographers Camera flashes can offer certain advantages. The right flash can help reduce “red-eye” when shooting portraits , and can increase the battery life of your camera because you won’t depend on the flash of your camera for lighting.

If you’re looking to purchase a brand new flash or you’re looking to try one at first, these are the best flashes for Canon Rebel T6 and T7 available in the market for professional and novice photographers. We’ve taken into consideration the factors like cost, size, accessibility, ease of use and compatibility.

Quick Summary

Godox V860III C is a great flash that comes with a variety of sophisticated features. It’s a fantastic value for the quantity of features that come with it. You’ll likely want to purchase more than one to create unique lighting setups.

An innovative flashgun, the 470EX AI, introduces an AI bounce feature. Automatically calculates the optimal bounce angle. It is easy to control the flash. The TTL flash metering system is reliable and consistent.

The flash is small and light. The flash’s recycle time is very short and it is highly adaptable. The EL-100 can produce natural and creative lighting to achieve the best results.

Voking VK581C flash is an affordable option for your camera. You can choose between manual and TTL exposure. The diffuser inside softens the direct light. The flash’s high-quality construction is resistant to dust and water droplets. The LCD is large.

Another high-quality flash with master and slave modes. It supports wireless transmission and has TTL mode, strobe, and M modes.

This Speedlite is affordable and perfect for your camera. It still has wireless control and a built-in diffuser and reflector panel. The device also includes Sync Cords and a lens cap holder.

Top 6 Best Flashes for Canon Rebel T6 & T7

1. Godox V860III-C


  • Zoom Range 20-200mm
  • Bounce: Up-120 degrees, Down-7 degrees
  • Swivel Head: 360 degrees
  • Recycle Time is approx. 0.01 or 1.5 sec
  • Variable output settings for adjustable Output: 1/1 up to 1/128
  • High-Speed Sync: As Fast as 1/8000s
  • Weight: 430g

This is a high-quality flash with master and slave modes. It can transmit wirelessly and also features TTL mode as well as strobe mode, M mode and additional features.

Godox is an incredibly well-known company that produces high-end camera accessories. The V860III is no one of them, and features a robust professional-grade design and a variety of advanced features.

2.4G WIRELESS X System

The flashgun is equipped with a 2.4GHz wireless radio system as well as a TTL wireless triggers for flash to provide an easy user experience.

Wireless transmission can be utilized to trigger the camera’s shutter and flash within a distance of 100m.


V860III-C works as a slave and master flash unit. As a master unit it functions in TTL as well as Multi as well as off camera flash mode. It’s compatible with Godox Xpro C flash trigger.

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Godox flashgun comes with Li-ion polymer batteries with the capacity of 2000mAh. It can handle 480 full power flash bursts. It can also be charged in just two hours.


Godox V860III-C comes with the strobe mode that operates at a variety of frequencies. This mode lets the flash create a sequence of flashes. It also records the entire process as motion is captured in the image.


  • Wireless system built-in to allow control remotely.
  • High-speed sync.
  • 360 degrees head rotation.
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable, Li-ion battery.
  • Multi-functional buttons facilitate easy operation.


2. Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI, Auto Intelligent Flash Photography

3. Canon Speedlite EL-100

4. Voking VK581C TL High-Speed Sync Master Cam Flash Speedlite

5. Godox V860II-S High-Speed Sync GN60 1/8000 2.4G Flash Speedlite

6. Neewer NW-670TTL Flash Speedlite for Canon with LCD Display Kit

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