10 Best Air Fryer Microwave Combo 2023

Are you looking for the most efficient microwave as well as air fryer combination? Look no further. After years of testing and study we’ve come up with our top 10 recommendations for you.

There aren’t many who have big kitchens. In small kitchens, it is common to have to eliminate your most-loved appliances in order to minimize the clutter on your kitchen counter. There are many home appliances available and Two of the more sought-after devices are an air fryer as well as the microwave.

The concept for the Air Fryer is to cook delicious, guilt-free meals, without the requirement for large quantities of oil (replicating deep-frying) The microwave has been around for many years for heating food things.

The current idea of mixing an air fryer with a microwave was first thought of two days ago.

What exactly is an air-fryer and microwave combo?

“Air fryer” and microwave combo Combines the functionality of two appliances to create a beautiful design that is compact and efficient. You can use microwave settings to cook food items, and the air fryer setting that cook, and then crisp food items with airflow. .”

Our selection for the most efficient air fryer microwave combination could be the HomeChef by Panasonic NNCD87KS. It comes with a four-in-one microwave oven that has an oven with convection, broiler and air fryer along with an inverter which is extremely efficient for heating and defrosting.

Let’s look at the top air-microwaves and fryers.

Top 10 Best Air Fryer Microwave Combo

1. Panasonic HomeChef NN-CD87KS Best Microwave Plus Air Fryer

Our top choice is the top-rated air fryer microwave combo by Panasonic HomeChef which aggregates four different cooking methods in one unit – Airfryer convection, bake and broil.

Convection The convection oven it is possible to bake and roast without preheating. The temperature can range from 100 to 425 deg F.

Air fryer Panasonic includes the air fryer’s basket, as well as a cooking rack. With the air fryer mode you can quickly brown, crisp and cook food with no oil, simply by setting the exact timing and temperature needed by the food item.

Broiler The broiler was also tested the function of its broiler to toast and crisp food items. The result was excellent.

Intelligent Inverter Technology: With the integrated inverter technology that is in Panasonic allows you to enjoy meals cooked evenly, with no cold or hot spots.

The greatest thing about Panasonic HomeChef is it lets users to utilize different methods together, like convection and microwave, as well as the flash express broiler.

We’re really pleased the fact that Panasonic has joined forces in partnership with Drop App to provide free exclusive recipes for microwave air fryer combinations. We were provided with a variety of ideas and new recipes that will allow you to use the appliance to the fullest.

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The only issue we experienced in such a powerful microwave, which is 1000 Watts 1.2 cubic feet. microwave is that buttons are difficult to locate due to its small size. It’s a fantastic appliance that adds comfort and ease to your kitchen without taking up a lot of space.


  • Quality construction that is solid and durable
  • Smart inverter technology allows for speedy heating, and can even be re-heated
  • It has a FlashXpress Broiler to toast as well as browning. It also gives grill-like results
  • Its Drop App offers exclusive recipes no cost


  • Buttons are hard to find
  • A little confusing control system specifically for elderly

2. NUWAVE Bravo – Best Oven Air Fryer Consumer Reports

3. Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS)


  • Large and bright LED digital display
  • It can be used as a microwave convection air fryer oven broiler, grill, and microwave.
  • Energy-saving eco mode cuts down on 40 percent standby power
  • Beep sounds can be turned off


  • The heating element below is not working.
  • It takes a bit longer heat up than you would expect.

4. Breville BMO870BSS1BUC1 Best Price for the Money


  • Large display that displays defrosting, microwave, and air-frying process
  • Defrost food and then re-heat it evenly with no cold spots
  • 19 presets built-in, including intelligent cook and smartreheat, and smart defrost
  • Automatically adjust the power level to ensure greater cooking results


  • The air fryer feature won’t be effective until you complete three minutes of microwave cycles
  • A little heavy for the pocket.

5. Toshiba ML-EC42P(BS) – The Best Stainless Air Fryer in Steel with Microwave

6. Galanz GSWWA16BKSA10 is the Best Microwave Air Fryer Convection Oven


  • It is very versatile. Air fry cook, bake convection, microwave defrost
  • The machine is huge and large from the inside.
  • It has a cool design and is well built
  • Turntables can be turned off when needed


  • Dark glass doors look cool, but it doesn’t allow you to see the progress of food.
  • Occupies large space due to large footprint

7. RCA RMW1205 Best Budget Microwave Air Fryer Combo


  • Multi-functional appliance that bakes roast, bake and microwave. Also convection oven, convection microwave
  • Quickly heat and defrost food items and equally
  • Clean and easy to maintain stainless steel finish


  • The user manual’s instructions are hard to comprehend.

8. Galanz GTWHG12S1SA10 – Best Built-in Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The next item on the line of microwaves with built-in air fryer combos is made by Galanz yet again, however this one is surprise features.

Yes! The toaster oven function can be added as an appliance that will clean up all kitchen appliances that are placed on countertops.

Galanz 4-in-1 features microwave, convection air fryer, and a toaster oven. Because it also includes the toaster oven feature the control panel can be found situated on the upper portion instead of the right-hand side.

The Galanz 4-in-1 we’ve selected comes with 1.2 cubic feet. in internal space, smaller than its 3-in-1 speedwave unit, however the power is still 1000 watts, which is the same as the 3-in-1 Galanz.

Similar to the 3-in-1 Galanz it also features 360deg technology that circulates the air throughout and add a crisp texture to food items.

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Because of the inverter technology, cooking and defrosting processes are free of cold or hot spots.

The toaster settings work well with bagels and bread and you can decide to toast it according to your preferences by choosing the light, medium or dark settings. In addition but the toaster is also great for toasting pizza, or crisping seeds or nuts.


  • Multi-functional and powerful unit
  • The sensor for humidity ensures that food isn’t undercooked or overcooked
  • Patented inverter technology that doesn’t change temperatures during the process.
  • The quietness is comparable to other appliances listed


  • It will require elbow grease to get it clean.
  • The dark glass door blocks the view of the outside

9. Willz WLCMJ412S2BCSCAF – Best Countertop Microwave Oven Fryer


  • One-touch cooking, air-frying, heating and defrosting.
  • Child safety lock stops children from adjusting the settings
  • Inside light to monitor food’s progress
  • Package includes the Air fry kit for free and baking tray


  • Small in size
  • A little slide on marble counter tops in the kitchen

10. Cuisinart AMW-60 Best Microwave AirFryer Combination

Cuisinart AMW-60 3-in-1 Air fryer microwave makes the ideal partner for kitchens with small spaces as well as hostels and RVs. an ordinary microwave isn’t enough to meet all your requirements however, you aren’t able to keep several appliances.

The capacity for this particular microwave 0.6 cubic feet. Combining microwave and and air fryer lets you microwave air fry, microwave and use convection as a function. Auto-presets take all the guesswork out of cooking.

You cannot compare it to larger microwaves due to their size, however it can accomplish the task well with the use of different power settings for air fry and microwaving.

To cook food with air the oven uses 1500 Watts of power to make the food crisp, and then cook food ingredients, while 700 watts is used for microwaves. Thus, cooking food with microwaves will take longer than a highly powered microwave with a power of 1000 watts.

The control panel on the Cuisinart’s air fryer oven combination is user-friendly, with sleek design and easy to use touch buttons. However, the touch buttons aren’t responsive at times.

So, if you maintain reasonable expectations of this microwave and air fryer and microwave combo You won’t be dissatisfied.


  • Small size takes up less area in the kitchen
  • The ultra sleek touch-screen control panel that is sleek and stylish with LED display
  • One-touch air fry and microwave presets
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean.


  • Buttons can be difficult to push
  • Small meal size is suitable for this.

Buying Guide

Before you purchase an air fryer and microwave combination be sure to keep these points in mind to ensure that the appliance you pick meets your requirements and serves the purpose it was designed for.


Air fryer combos for microwaves are available in a variety of sizes. However, before you pick a particular appliance take the clearance area in mind because these units operate in convection mode, too and can warm the surroundings and requires an air vent also. In accordance with your family’s needs and the space in your kitchen, you can pick the dimensions of 0.6 or 2 cubic feet.


The majority of air fryer microwaves that you can find have at minimum 1000 watts of power. Pick the most powerful appliance that is within your budget. The appliance should also come with 1-to-10 power settings that let you make use of the amount of power that your food requires. For instance, chocolate should not melt at high power and neither should meat be frozen at high power, or else it’ll begin cooking at the sides.

Automatic Cook and Smart Sensors

Auto cook menus remove the burden of entering the time and temperature. They can be a great choice for those who are not experienced in cooking. Smart sensors are a useful feature that monitors the level of humidity to cook or heat the food, and then stops the timer when the food is cooked.

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The appliance in combination can be difficult to use due to numerous functions, including auto cook with temperature and time. There are some that even come with the ability to use a rotating dial. The best option is to purchase the air fryer microwave combination that has easy-to-use interface and an intuitive to use to make use of this appliance at its maximum potential and make use of all the functions.

Many Activities

Other features worth looking at in the air fryer microwave combination include Eco-mode LED lighting slow cooking, the inverter technology, as well as glass windows. The smallest of aspects are what make one appliance more effective than others. Beyond that you must also take note of the warranty prior to purchasing so that you can assert a claim should anything go wrong.

Major Difference Between Air Fryers vs Microwave

CharacteristicsMicrowaveAir Fryer
Cooking capabilityMicrowaves are employed to cook food.It can be employed to make fryer-quality foods without requiring excessive oil.
Heating TechniqueMicrowaves function by generating “microwaves” that bounce around the microwave chamber. They absorb into the food, and then vibrate water molecules to create heat.Air fryers come with an internal coil that is heated to produce rapid high temperatures. Hot air circulated throughout the chamber with an the onboard fan spinning. The air is then blown out and then circulated through the frying pan so that the meal is cooked evenly, with crisp texture.
Crisping/browningThey don’t crisp food or brown it.Air fryers crisps up and cooks the food without cooking too long.
Volume and SizeMicrowaves are available in 0.5 to 2.2 Cu. Ft. capacity.
They are also space-saving as the majority of kitchens have separate shelf designed for microwaves.
Air fryers have a capacity of 1 to 5.8 quartz , or even more.
Air fryers are large and high, and the kitchen isn’t equipped with a space to accommodate them. Therefore, they occupy the counter.
Efficiency in Energy EfficiencyEnergy-efficient and takes less time to heat.It’s not as efficient due to the fact that they take longer to cook food and then crisp it.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the most efficient microwave air fryer combos to buy?

  1. Panasonic HomeChef NN CD87KS – The Best Rated
  2. NUWAVE Bravo Best Consumer Reports
  3. Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS) The Ideal for Small Footprint
  4. Breville BMO870BSS1BUC1 Best Value for price
  5. Toshiba ML-EC42P(BS) The Best Stainless Microwave Air Fryer made of Steel
  6. Galanz GSWWA16BKSA10 – Great with Convection Oven
  7. RCA RMW1205 Best Budget Combo
  8. Galanz GTWHG12S1SA10 Best Ar fryer for a Family of 4
  9. Willz WLCMJ412S2BCSCAF is the best for small kitchens Countertop
  10. Cuisinart AMW-60 Best Microwave AirFryer Combination

2. Is there an oven that has the option of an air-fryer?

There are some brands that provide microwave convection ovens that are over-the-top that have air fryers built-in like Glanz as well as LG.

3. Does GE produce a microwave air fryer Combo?

Indeed, GE produces a microwave-powered air fryer combination that has 1.0 cubic feet. inside capacity. Beyond that they also have several convection ovens, which come with air fryers.

4. Are air fryers similar to convection microwaves?

Convection microwaves and air fryers ovens operate in the same way. The primary difference lies in the design and size. Air fryers are tall , and look like coffee maker designs with a basket that can be removed for food items to be kept. Because air fryers are less in terms of size they have the fan located near the food. Hot air can be concentrated into a smaller space which is why air fryers cook food quicker than ovens.

5. What is the air fryer’s role in making an air-fryer microwave combo function?

Air fryer microwave combo combine the capabilities of two appliances. In microwave mode, appliance emits microwave radiation which reflects and bounces off in the microwave before being absorbed by the food. The rays stimulate the water molecules present in the food, causing heat. This is how the food is heated and cooked.

When we utilize the microwave and air fryer with convection or air fryer configuration, it makes use of an electric coil to generate heat. This heat then is circulated through the food by an efficient fan. Because the heated air soaks the food’s moisture from outside, it produces an extremely crispy texture.

6. Can I Replace My Microwave With an Air fryer?

Air fryers are able to warm food in the same way as microwave ovens, however they tend to give crisp outcomes than microwave ovens. If you love eating popcorn in microwaves, you won’t be disappointed by the results of air fryers. Air fryers are great for most food items, however when you attempt to cook a moist snack, it may not come out well.

7. Do air fryers use a lot of electricity?

Air fryers move hot air over food, using only a small amount of oil, which means they use less power than traditional fryers that require heating huge amounts of oil. Research has proven the fact that air fryers consume as much as 20% lesser energy than conventional fryers.

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