10 Best 11×17 Printer For Architects 2023

Top 10 Best 11×17 Printer For Architects

1. Epson WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer

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2. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 11×17 All-in-One Printer

The next inkjet printer for tabloids we’ve selected to review comes from a manufacturer that is instantly recognized. Sure, Hewlett and Packard are back and they’ve blown your mind with this multi-functional large-format printer.

With its simple, straightforward appearance The printer has a simple, straightforward design. It is equipped to handle high resolution photographic paper glossy photo paper, as well as labels. It can not only print your schemes and plans but will also handle scans, copies and faxes easily.

It comes with an automatic document feeder capable of printing 35 double-sided sheets and the speed of 22 pages per second, it printer is one of the most efficient printers with a low cost we’ve seen.

As we’re living today, the printer is fully equipped to take care of every printing requirements remotely. Utilizing this HP Smart app on your tablet or smartphone it is possible to directly transmit images to be printed to this printer, the OfficeJet Pro 7740. It’s true that this printer is compatible with Alexa!

Furthermore this printer has applications for business that enable you to scan files directly onto the network of your workplace, email or even the cloud. Also, you’ll certainly appreciate the speed and efficiency of the built-in touchscreen controls.

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3. Canon Pixma IX6820 11×17 Printer

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4. Brother MFCJ6945DW Inkjet Printer

We admit it. At [insert name for websiteWe have a preference for the top brands of printers We’re not ashamed of it. The top brands stand out because of their quality and Brother can be found in the top leagues.

This wide format inkjet printer by them is with sparkling reviews , and will rest before you.

What is the reason it is named”the INKvestment Tank? Let’s look at the brand’s iconic “tank technology” that is well-known on the market due to its high productivity and professional printing quality.

However, Brother does not just talk about it they actually walk the talk and have equipped the printer with a year of ink. This can be achieved thanks to the tank that has a high capacity. It can easily scan, copy, and fax too as the super-fast double printing.

Additionally the printer is equipped with two paper trays that together can accommodate up to 500 sheets. Thanks to The Page Gauge you’ll be able to easily check the level of ink on your cartridges. Don’t be caught out! Also, of course with the use of touchscreens, you can make all so much simpler.

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In all honesty it’s important to remember that this printer isn’t ideal for an architecture firm of any size. For small-scale businesses or academic needs however this printer is one of the top choices.

Key Features:

  • INKvestment Tank comes with 1 year of ink inside the box.
  • Advanced reengineered cartridges offer greater capacity for ink.
  • With two tray paper to prevent frequent refilling.
  • Supports scan, copy, double-pass fax and single-pass printing.

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5. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer

We’re pleased to present another printer made by Epson however it’s much cheaper. If your architectural firm isn’t large or you’re in the market for the printer that will be used by a particular work group within your company You’ll be delighted with this printer.

With the capability of printing borderless prints that measure up to 13×19 inches, this printer is distinct from other printers we’ve reviewed this morning for a primary reason: it has six cartridges. Yes, you read that is true, and it’s priced that low.

Furthermore, since the cartridges are Epson’s Claria cartridge, you’ll be amazed by the clarity and quality of real HD prints.

What we like with this model is the fact that it is able to handle an array of papers that include (but not restricted to) glossy photo papers and even card stock paper. The tray at the rear that special papers have to be placed can hold as much as 50 sheets in addition.

One of the major drawbacks of this printer is the absence of wireless or cloud-based capabilities. The vast color range that the 6 Claria cartridges provide for such a low cost is, however, unparalleled. Particularly if you’re in the business of a small-sized business, you’ll doubt be thrilled by the savings!

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6. Canon Pixma Professional-100 Wireless Inkjet Color Printer

A universally accepted truth regarding printers? That’s the Canon Pixma line is a line of printers that are top-quality including the Pro-100 is among the strongest evidences of this fact.

Comparatively to the other printers inkjet we’ve examined today it is rated for handling eight distinct cartridges (gray black, light magenta, gray, magenta, cyan and yellow, and cyan).

You can now picture the print quality. These eight cartridges will work together to create images of 4800×2400 dots per inch, which allows you to experience vivid details when printing.

The prints can be printed using a range of papers in sizes of up to 13×19. Using 6,144 nozzles and the Pixma is ready to go to deliver stunningly sharp prints and images.

Additionally, with AirPrint printing capabilities of the printer and Wi-Fi connectivity, you’ll have your prints in place without needing to leave your workstation.

What is this printer’s appearance? In its sleek black-and-silver appearance comes an output tray that has the capacity of 150 pages of paper as well as 10 letter-sized sheets and 20 photo sheets in 4×6 format and one A3 (11×17) sheet. The printer’s body has three control buttons that are simple to use.

While this high-quality printer is definitely among our top picks, we don’t think it’s suitable for large operations. If you’re in the market of an printer for a big firm, we’d suggest you to look other options.

Key Features:

  • 8.-ink ChromaLife100Plus cartridge technology creates vibrant high-density prints.
  • The DPI is 4800×2400.
  • Dual paper feeding, with an extra tray to hold specialty papers.
  • Wi-Fi built-in and AirPrint capabilities let you print wirelessly.
  • In-built DVD and CD printing is available.

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7. HP DesignJet T130 24-In Large Format Printer

Our next choice is we’re returning at one HP to examine one of their longest-lasting inkjet printers. The 24-inch wide printer works with six different dye-based inks. Even though it’s been quite a while since the printer first came on its market place, it stands out in comparison of the latest big-name printers.

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This is certainly due in part, to the ingenuous design of the device. With a quick snapping-in mechanism that works with all its cartridges and a streamlined design, the DesignJet is easy to carry out your daily routine. The monitor for ink on the front panel LCD is also able to keep you updated on the levels of ink.

The front loading tray of this printer is capable of handling paper sizes up to 18×24. This makes it the biggest wide-format printer we’ve reviewed so far. The rear feeder lets the user to add specialty paper easily. In addition, there’s an in-front paper feed.

The excellent quality of images created from this machine is something that any person who uses the device will be able to agree on. But, it’s important to remember that this isn’t the most speedy printer on the market. A print that’s 24×18 inches at Max Detail (the most detailed resolution available) can take 30 minutes or more.

This is without doubt one of the most robust and powerful printers you can come across at this price point in addition to the outstanding quality of photos. In a bustling office, the printer’s speed could be a problem and so can the absence access to wireless. Make sure you choose the right printer!

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8. Epson Expression Premium EcoTank (ET-7750)

An additional Epson printer? Let us know. A Epson printer that has an EcoTank? We’ll take our money! Yes, we’re a bit over-enthusiastic however there’s a valid reason behind it. If you’re interested in knowing what the reason is, continue reading!

The extremely rated Epson Inkjet printer, in the first place a multi-functioning all-in-one printer. It is possible to enable the scanner and copier functions easily, and with the Ethernet connection, connecting to your colleagues is a walk through the park.

What is it that is it that makes the EcoTank different from the other EcoTanks in as it does? It’s the fact that it’s cartridge-free of course. In lieu of cartridges the Epson Expression makes use of large ink tanks. They are easy refill and then re-insert to the printer.

Furthermore the in-box printer that you receive with your purchase allows you to print as much as 9000 pages. It would require 30 cartridges of ink to print using the standard printer. The 5760×1440 dpi is sure to amaze you and will last for a long time.

If you need more convincing, this printer comes with all wireless capabilities. In addition to WiFi Direct as well as Ethernet capabilities This printer is recommended for direct printing via smartphones. It can also be used with the built-in memory card slot or USB slot to print direct from your device.

Perhaps we’ve discovered the top 11×17 all-in-one printer? That’s for the reader to choose!

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9. Canon PIXMA TS9520 11×17 Color Laser Printer

Many potential printer buyers are convinced of the belief that printers with inkjets cost a lot, and they could find themselves looking for the top elevenx17 laser printer, thinking they will pay less. However, the Canon Pixma will show that you can have cake and enjoy it too.

What does it mean to say this?

Equipped with an exclusive ink system made up of five colors the Canon printer can create stunningly clear, vibrant photos as well as sharp black text. It’s able to do it with a wide range of paper kinds.

The basic appearance of this printer hides many advanced capabilities and functions. It is capable of large-sized scanning and featuring an automatic document feeder that allows for multi-sheet files, it lets users to manage a variety of printing needs with ease.

This is not even mentioning the extent of the device’s incredible connectivity capabilities. It’s not only Direct Wi-Fi and USB, but as well Bluetooth along with Ethernet. Also, AirPrint and Mopria Print service are also available! No matter what device you’re using transfer your files via your Pixma which will handle printing.

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While the variety of things you can accomplish with this printer is vast but we’d not recommend it for large company. However, if you’re looking to be used for a small space or home office that is bustling, then this printer would be a great choice!

Key Features:

  • Canon Print app, EPP Editor App Integration with Message in Print App. integration.
  • Provides a variety of connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, AirPrint.
  • Uses Individual Ink System with 5 colors for vivid and clear prints.
  • Touchscreen control panel that allows for simple rapid access.

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10. Brother MFC-J6930DW All In-One Color Inkjet Printer

Key Features:

  • Uses four cartridges to create stunningly vibrant images.
  • It offers a range in wireless connection options such as AirDrop as well as NFC.
  • Double copy/scan integrated with single-pass and automatic double-sided printing.
  • Offers direct cloud connectivity (Dropbox, Facebook, OneNote, etc. ).
  • Equipped with a 500-sheet paper tray as well as an automatic document feeder.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between The Laser and Inkjet Printer? Which one should I choose?

Inkjet printers utilize ink to create images laser printers make use of toner. This is at handling a wider spectrum of materials, and creates brighter and more vibrant shades.

Laser printers are, however are quicker and more effective to print large volumes. However, they do not provide high-quality colored prints. Therefore, it’s all about the specific needs of your imaging are. In general, an 11×17 laser printer isn’t suited to the needs of an architect.

2. What is the name given to printing paper measuring 11×17?

The papers that have this size are typically called tabloid or B-sized papers. In certain countries, they are known as A3 papers.

3. What kind of ink should I Choose When Creating My Architectural Prints?

Architects are not strangers to construction sites which is why blueprints are often needed. To avoid those vital plans from becoming damaged, make sure you choose high-quality water-resistant, smudge-free and water-resistant paper that you can print. Inks based on pigments are ideal for this kind of printing.

4. Can My Regular Inkjet Desktop Printer Print 11×17 Pages?

Yes, certain desktop printers will but not all. If you print, check for the size specifications 11×17 within the software for printing. If it’s in there then you can print it. We cannot guarantee the quality, however.

5. What is the significance of the number of Cartridges in a Printer Factors?

The quick solution is the greater number of cartridges your printer is equipped with in it, the more colors it’ll be able produce. If you are looking for highly precise vibrant images you’ll need more cartridges will aid you.

6. Why Do They Have Smears And Streaks on My Printed Materials?

It’s a sign that the cartridge, platen, or the rollers of your printer need to clean. Be sure to perform regular maintenance to ensure that your printer is in good order.

Wrapping up!

When it boils down to it the ideal 11×17 printer for architects is dependent on the requirements of the user. Think about the required speed and capacity, and take into consideration the quality of printing. If your requirements aren’t specific to imaging, you may think about looking at the best 11×17 color laser printers.

Another tip is to you should always ask yourself, prior to buying, “are the features worth the price?” If the answer is yes, then buy it. If not then you must consider whether you’re willing to spend the extra money to get those features.

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